Apparel Industry Suppliers’ Exhibition in May

May 10, 2018
February 22, 2018 | Written by

Bringing together suppliers and service organisations in the apparel industry in Sri Lanka, the Apparel Industry Suppliers’ Exhibition (AISEX) will be held from May 10-12, at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Exhibition Centre (SBMEC).

Organised and managed by Lanka Exhibition & Conference Services in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Apparel Institute (SLAI), the organisers hope it would be the platform in which the future development of the industry as a major sourcing and knowledge hub for the apparel sector by 2020, would come to fruition.

Held biannually since the year 1998, the ninth edition of AISEX 2018 will bring together a wide range of players, big and small, focused on the development of the industry together.

Reinvigorated by the provision of GSP Plus, the apparel industry is on the brink of taking every foreseeable step in a bid to take full advantage of the benefits allowed under the scheme.
“This is a benefit that is time stamped. As the country develops and reaches a higher per capita income, we will lose this opportunity. The time is now to make full use of what is given to us,” Sri Lanka Apparel Institute Chairman Professor Lakdas Fernando said.

Set in this backdrop, the Apparel Industry Suppliers’ Exhibition aims to bring all suppliers big and small and service organisations in the sector under one roof and will focus on a wide range of textile machinery, accessories and services from many parts of the world.

AISEX will provide the manufacturers a platform of all sizes to expand the existing manufacturing methods and possibilities of increasing production volumes and efficiency through state-of-the-art innovative technology.

AISEX will also focus on generating new opportunities closer to home for small-scale local designers and manufactures. The event will feature a sourcing market/pavilion where small to medium-scale manufactures, suppliers and designers can meet and source each other’s skills and products.

The ninth edition of AISEX sets out to attract innovators and trend setters both domestic and overseas to access, meet, learn and experience, through a number of knowledge-sharing sessions, which will be held alongside the exhibition. Well-known personalities from the industry will speak and share their perspectives, followed by open panel discussions and forums. We hope that through these sessions the next generation of innovators, trend setters, designers and entrepreneurs will be inspired while in turn inspiring the current industry leaders with visions of the industry’s future.