Who are we?
A business Like No other

Sri Lanka Apparel is a beacon of light in the region being ranked among the top apparel-producing countries in the world relative to its population. The ethos of Sri Lanka Apparel epitomizes the synergy among Quality, Speed and Innovation to deliver the best.

It is not an exaggeration to state that “Sri Lanka is well geared to meet global market demand for fast, high quality ethical fashion products”. With three decades of experience in the Industry Sri Lanka Apparel is the strategic partner for global Apparel brands and buyers, naming a few brands, Victoria's
Secret, Nike, Tommy Hilfigure, M&S and Triumph. These designer brands reveal the story that the most prestigious real world brands are our clients.


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Joint Apparel Association Forum is the apex body which guides Sri Lanka apparel towards its ultimate goal of being the world’s number one apparel sourcing destination. In the year of 2002 the entire Apparel Industry came under the aegis of Sri Lanka Apparel forming its core activity as to promote Sri Lanka as
a "Preferred Sourcing Destination" in the region through implementing strategic plans.

Sri Lanka Apparel has committed to accomplish its current growth plan with following objectives:

  • Accelerate Sri Lanka’s Apparel sector to a US $ 8. 5 Billion mark by 2020

  • Transform the industry from a "manufacturer driven business mindset" to an 'End-to-End Fully Integrated Apparel Solutions Provider'

  • Intensify market penetration and presence in premium market segments of the Global Apparel Industry

  • Position Sri Lanka's Apparel Industry as a 'Preferred Ethical Apparel Sourcing Destination' on the global sourcing map