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JAAF, SLAI support largest apparel machinery exhibition AISEX 2016

Apparel Industry Suppliers Exhibition (AISEX) is an exhibition which aims to bring all suppliers and service organisations (in the industry) under one roof. The exhibition will focus on a wide range of textile machinery, accessories and services from many parts of the world.

AISEX 2016 will take place from 10-12 June at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Exhibition Center (SBMEC) and organised by the Lanka Exhibition & Conference Services Ltd. (LECS) together with the Sri Lanka Apparel Institute (SLAI) and endorsed and supported by the Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF).

AISEX 2016 aims to sharpen the manufacturers hunger for technological innovations in the apparel industry and we hope to provide the garment industry with the complete solutions necessary to forge ahead.

In an industry where productivity is the key to success, the impact of new innovations and inventions play a vital role in determining the success of the manufacturer. AISEX 2016 will encourage suppliers and service organisations to showcase their latest products for the apparel manufacturer.

The networking that is inevitable to take place during this exhibition will also help build global relationships between such parties. We have seen a distinct increase in participation this year in both exhibitions, especially from China and India.

The exhibition will generate new opportunities closer to home, within the South Asian region. Now there are emerging opportunities in regional markets and not just in the EU and the US. The domestic markets in the region are growing and there is an opportunity for local brands to target regional markets, like India.

AISEX 2016 will creates opportunities for suppliers, manufacturers and services related to the apparel industry to display their latest range and developments.