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Sri Lanka Fashion & Apparel Awards returns
Sri Lanka Fashion & Apparel Awards returns Thursday, 14 May 2015 04:30 Written by  Cloud Control Panel

Sri Lanka’s multi-billion dollar fashion manufacturing industry, known to be the largest export revenue maker for the island, is world-renowned for its ethically fortified and environmentally conscious practices. This remarkable industry is also rapidly expanding its strength in design and innovation. As part of the industry’s evolution from an apparel making industry to a design integrated leader in creative innovation, Sri Lanka’s fashion industry is witnessing a boom. More and more local fashion labels, boutiques of hand-made designer wear, runway shows and young designers are also gaining vast recognition for their sustainable practices, innovation and creativity.

Sri Lanka Fashion & Apparel Awards was initiated in 2013 to celebrate the excellence of these established and emerging businesses and names on a global platform. The bi-annual event returns for 2015 this November and will the best talent available from one of the world’s most uniquely interesting emerging fashion industries. It will be organised and hosted by Sri Lanka Design Festival 2015.

Speaking at SLDF South Asian Apparel Leadership Forum ‘14, Azeem Ismail, the President of the Joint Apparel Association Forum stated that design and innovation will play a giant role in the future of the apparel industry; “I think our development integrating design and innovation is one that will cement our position as a fashion hub in South Asia. So, I believe events such as this, that play an important part of the future we’re trying to embrace as an industry will speed up our journey.”

“Sri Lankan fashion and apparel sphere is at a very exciting point; over the last few years, we have been creating a platform for industry talent through our fashion innovation runways and opportunities for new knowledge with the South Asian Apparel Leadership Forum. Today, our industry has pushed innovation and design technology to new heights and are doing some incredible things by combining low-tech, high-tech and cutting-edge design. In 2013 we felt it is time to celebrate these extraordinary developments and the outstanding talent behind it. In 2015 we return to recognise the progress the industry has made in the last two years,” said Sri Lanka Design Festival Founder and Managing Director Linda Speldewinde.

SLFAA will shortlist and award some of the most influential personalities, organisations, partnerships and initiatives that have shaped Sri Lankan fashion and apparel. SLFAA includes 10 categories for the year 2015; ‘Emerging Designer Award’ is one that recognises the rising stars in Sri Lankan fashion under the age of 35 years. The ‘Sustainable Fashion Award’ meanwhile celebrates design talent that ties creative flair with sustainability. Highlighting the importance of unique applicative research and development efforts that bridge the gap between academia and industry, the award ‘Student/Graduate-Industry Collaboration’ will accept applications for such collaborative projects.

An important component of any growing fashion eco-system, the upcoming fashion brands will be recognised by ‘Best Own-Brand Award’. The awards open to the local apparel industry include ‘Industry Young Blood Award’ for the fresh design talent under 35 years contributing to the local apparel industry. Originality and the critical attention to details and finish in casual wear will be celebrated by ‘Design & Detail Excellence in Casualwear Award’. ‘Design & Technical Excellence in Constructed Apparel Award’ is for unique materials, technology and construction techniques in fashion for sports, intimate, foundation and tailored fashion.

Going hand in hand with fashion, the event will pay tribute to outstanding construction and sustainable practices in footwear, bags, scarves, belts or jewellery with the ‘Specialist Product and Accessories Award’. ‘Best Industry Own-Brand Award’ will recognise successful fashion labels created under apparel industry parent companies. Turning the spotlight to innovation, the ‘Game Changer through Innovation Award’ aims to encourage entries of break-through innovation, strategic solutions that have changed the course of fashion design, development and production. The applications will close on 10 July.

Finalists will showcase at the glamorous Award Ceremony on 28 November held as part of Sri Lanka Design Festival. Judging of winners will be carried out by an expert panel of international judges managed by SLDF. The winners will be offered the opportunity to participate in an all expenses paid trip to Istanbul Fashion Week 2016, one of the world’s most newly anticipated fashion events.

For more information, applications and criteria please visit: Applications close on 10 July.