Source from Sri Lanka
A Skilled Companion


Our People is Our  Strength

Sri Lanka’s most valuable resource is her people.
Sri Lanka apparel is reputed for its precision quality and productivity which it
tailors with skilled and energetic workforce. 


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World’s Super brands are made here


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Sri Lanka is the undoubted manufacturing facility to many world
renowned brands like Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and
etc. The unique state-of-the-art technology blended with the distinctive
quality, accuracy and speedy delivery has upholstered the gaps of the
global supply chain.


We are Uniquly  Located

Strategic location of sri Lanka joining the east with the west provides direct
access for consumer markets to meet the manufacturers making Sri Lanka an
excellent destination for sourcing.

Strategic location advantage coupled with the conducive business friendly environment
within the country, Sri Lanka is Speedier into the market.

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We Invent for Tomorrow 

CAD systems, 3D printing facilities,
Tuka Tech,
Gerber Automatic Spreading System Microsoft Dynamics ERP
Automatic Cutters etc are a few of the modern technologies that we use in Sri Lanka